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Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in 2012

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It’s just the beginning the of new year and the popularity of female singers is based on past record and recent performance so don’t just judge any artist on the basis of her recent performance. The graph of popularity fluctuates a bit but we never witness any sudden change with just single good performance. These females singers have been performing for years and have a decent past record. It is not an evaluation of quantity rather it is quality that makes someone popular in the field of music. Sometimes the best is left behind when we talk about popularity. You must understand that there lies a difference between best and popular. The list we have is of most popular singers and it is not a guarantee that the best is always popular. So, we move towards the list of top 10 most popular female singers of 2012.

1. Lady Gaga
The real name of the most popular female singer of 2012 is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta but she is popular for her stage name which is Lady Gaga. She is also a popular lady at social media. The number of fans of lady Gaga at Facebook are almost 47 million. She got fame with her first album The Fame (2008) and her popularity continued in the next year where she used her lucky word in her next album which is The Fame Monster (2009) but her fame in this year is not result of these albums. The super hit album of this popular singer Born This Way (2011)plays a significant role in her position in the world of music to achieve highest rank of popularity in 2012.

2. Shakira

The popularity of Shakira can be seen through the number of fans at Facebook. She has more than 44 million fans there. Her entry in music is not a success story but she got success with her later albums and gradually emerged as a leading artist. Her popularity began to rise with the beginning of new century and reached its peak at the end of first decade of 21st century when she sang an official song for FIFA. Her upcoming song will be available for lovers at the eve of Valentine’s Day.

3. Katy Perry

Last year was a huge success for her and she managed to secure the lists of 2011. She was also declared Artist of the Year by MTV for her activities in 2011. She has been in music industry for more than a decade but 2011 was the best year for her. She was the most played singer of last year.

4. Taylor Swift

She is not much popular at social networks but popular among music listeners. Her melodious voice  and young age attracts people from all over the world. She is 22 and has just six years to her name in the field of music. Her most popular album was her third by the name of Speak Now (2010) which was released two years ago but it made a huge impact on her popularity graph which is now resulting in her inclusion in Guinness Book Of World Records.

5. Rihanna

Rihanna was born in Barbados and one of the leading artist from that part of the world. Her recent album Talk That Talk (2011) combined different genres of music to give music listeners a collection of heart touching songs. Her popularity at Facebook is amazing that she has almost 50 million fans.

6. Britney Spears

Britney Spears has a versatile personality in the world of entertainment. She tries to give everything to entertaining when she is on the stage. She sings her own songs and adds to entertainment by dancing on the floor. She has been entertaining people on stage for more almost 20 years. It took a lot of time to record her latest album Femme Fatale (2011) so it is expected to rule the hearts of listeners this year.

7. Adele

Inspired by Spice Girls in her childhood, Adele stands as leading British singer. Her beautiful voice is god gifted but her craft makes it more attractive. She has released two albums as she is new to the world of singing. Her recent album was released in previous year which has been nominated for MasterCard British Album of the Year (Brit Awards).

8. Beyonce

Beyonce was born in Texas but he is equally popular in Africa due to her African-American accent. She writes and composes songs for her albums. Her attractive body becomes an internal part of her performance on the stage. She is popular singer as well as known fashion designer.

9. Jennifer Lopez

She is 42 years old but her voice and look does not give a hint to her age. She is American entertainer who has worked in many genres of entertainment especially music and TV. The songs from her debut album One the 6 (1999) are still listened but the popularity of Love? (2011) has secured her position in top female singers of 2012.

10. Kesha

American rapper, Kesha, with her energetic performances and colourful look is part of these high profiled singers. Her love for pop music is urging her to release another album soon and it has been in news that the album will be released in May.


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