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Top 10 Most Popular Pages on StumbleUpon

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StumbleUpon is one of the highest traffic generating social networks for websites, and for good reason.  When a user gives a page their thumbs up, they open the door to that page getting hundreds upon thousands of visitors in a fury.
So what kind of content does well on StumbleUpon?  Let’s find out by looking at a sample of the 10 most popular viewed pages in StumbleUpon.  Be prepared to have your funny bone tickled and your skills tested!

10. Testing Your Reaction Time – 3.5 Million Views

Don’t worry animal lovers – no sheep are harmed in this test!  All you have to do is shoot some tranquilizing darts into five sheep that run across the field.  The time it takes you to click the button is measured from the moment they start to leap, and your given your score in seconds to react per sheep.  I was rated a bobbing bobcat, how about you?
This game, originally discovered on March 7, 2005 in Online Games.
9. Sidewalk Chalk Guy – 3.8 Million Views

If you like optical illusions, you’re going to love sidewalk chalk guy.  His artwork is the kind that makes you feel like there is a hole in the earth, or in this case, in the sidewalk.  These photos illustrate not only the illusion, but ways people can play in the illusion, like a guy dipping his toe into a “swimming pool.”
This page, originally discovered on July 16, 2004 in Arts.
8. Travel Agent Stories – 4 Million Views

Want to know the pain that travel agents go through in their careers?  Then have a read of these twelve stories shared by the poor people that make their living helping people book their vacations.  Yes, there are people who don’t realize that when someone mentions you need a visa to travel internationally, they are not talking about the logo on your credit cards.
This page, originally discovered on May 6, 2004 in Humor.

7. Human World – 4.1 Million Views

Looking for random facts about the human condition?  Look no further than this very random page of miscellaneous facts that cover everything from biblical times to phobias.  Did you know pogonophobia  is the fear of beards?  Don’t you feel better now that you do know?
This page, originally discovered on September 19, 2002 in Bizarre/Oddities.

6. Musicovery – 4.4 Million Views

This interesting little online application (also available for iPhone) let’s you hover over a particular mood and hear music that goes along with it.  You can choose from energetic, positive, calm, and dark.  Artists in the lineup include Lady Gaga, Robert Plant, Death Cab for Cutie, and other well known musicians and bands.
This site, originally discovered on November 15, 2006 in Music.
5. The Meaning of Life – 4.6 Million Views

Did you know you could discover the meaning of life on StumbleUpon?  OK, so maybe not, but you can learn more about life by learning the main differences between men and women in this interesting image created by a college physics department.

4. Courtroom Quotations – 4.7 Million Views

People funny things, especially in the courtroom.  These quotations, presumably taken from official court records across the nation, generally involve dialogue between lawyers and witnesses.  Could you imagine sitting on a jury and trying to hold a straight face when someone says “I don’t drink when I’m on duty, unless I come on duty drunk?”

This page, originally discovered on October 22, 2003 in Humor.

3. Street Installations – 4.9 Million Views

Street Installations is a collection of photographs taken on the street, some of which have been edited for special effects.   While the first photo seems simple with a person wearing a cone on their head, other photos include a floating head, feet coming out of drain pipes, and other oddities.  Definitely a way to stretch the inspiration.

This page, originally discovered on April 10, 2006 in Photography.
2. CN Tower Timelapse – 5.7 Million Views
Timelapses are always a favorite, and what could be better than a timelapse?  A timelapse that is user controlled.  This simple flash animation starts with a daytime view of the CN Tower, and as you hover over it, you can see a total of six different times during the day through nighttime.
This animation, originally discovered on August 28, 2006 in Photography.
1. How to Tick People Off – 6.1 Million Views

One of the highest viewed pages on StumbleUpon is a simple list of 32 ways to piss people off.  Most items are work related, although one of my favorites near the end is number 25 – “As much as possible, skip rather than walk.”
This page, originally discovered on October 3, 2004 in Humor.

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