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Top 10 Movies to Watch in 2012

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1The Avengers
+5This movie is the greatest superhero movie of all time. It is perfect in everyway possible. The characters work brilliantly together, its very clever, its perfect.
+2What a miracle of a film. Only Joss Whedon could get everything right. There was action, excellent performances, character development, but most of all, a story. See it if you have not yet.
+1This might be the best movie of 2012. I saw it 3X in theaters. I wouldn't mind seeing in again & and again. So much better than the dark night
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2The Hunger Games
I've wanted to see this series made into a movie ever since I read the books. I think the movies did a really good job of portraying the books, there were a few things that the movie producers may have chosen to left out but it was a really good movie.
This movie is so good but peeta looks mental. And their was not too much gore which is good. I think it is intense acting and really should be voted for. I would reccomend it. However the last hunger games book, falls way behind the others and the movie.

-5Puraii.. Choda khailam deikhkha... Aotow putki mara mari.. Arey khangi magii.. Tora dehi.. Vodaar vitrey.. Voira dili... Choda kha choda

4The Dark Knight Rises
This movie is just amzing that it made me want to cry if no one was there and it made me so happy at the end. It is a must watch movie. Batman is the best!
Awesome movie of 21st century. Never seen this type of movie ever. Just hats off to you batman. Legend never dies always alive in our hearts. Action, Drama, emotions, etc. All the feelings are showed beautifully in dis movie. The Dark Knight Rises is the Best movie of 2012. Batman You are a true superhero. No one can be like you.

5The Grey

6Wrath of the Titans

721 Jump Street
Its so funny, if you want to watch it for free and without loving in go to letmewatchthis. Ch




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